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~ Sins of the Father. Clifton Chronicles 2 ~

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Archer Jeffrey Sins of the Father. Clifton Chronicles 2

Sins of the Father. Clifton Chronicles 2

Цена: 1309 руб.
Автор: Archer Jeffrey
Издатели: Pan Books, год выпуска 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4472-0889-1
Год: 2012

It is only days before Britain declares war on Germany. Harry Clifton, hoping to escape the consequences of a familyscandal, and realizinghe can never marry Emma Barrington, has joined the Merchant Navy. Whena German U-boat sinks his ship, Harry and a handful of sailors are rescued by the SS Kansas Star, among them an American named Tom Bradshaw. That night, when Bradshaw dies, Harry seizes a chance to bury his past-by assumingthe man's identity.

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