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~ North and South ~

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Gaskell Elizabeth North and South

North and South

Цена: 307 руб.
Автор: Gaskell Elizabeth
Издатели: Harpercollins, год выпуска 2011
ISBN: 9780007902255
Серия: Collins Classics
Год: 2011

When Margaret Hale is uprooted from Hampshire and moves to the industrial town of Milton in the North of England, her whole world changes. As her sympathy for the towns mill workers grows, her sense of social injustice piques and she passionately fights their corner. However, just as she disputes the mill owner John Thornton's treatment of his workers, she cannot deny her growing attraction to him. Highlighting the changing landscape of nineteenth-century Britain and championing the role of women in Victorian society, Gaskell brilliantly captures the lives of ordinary people through one of the strongest female characters in literature.

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